Power of Nutrition

Module #1 – Introduction

Welcome to the “Power of Nutrition”.

This is an introductory module that will provide you with a lot of useful knowledge to start your journey to becoming a nutrition expert. We will talk about what we call the “superpowers of nutrition” and provide you with important numbers about health and nutrition to help you discuss the most important reasons for healthy nutrition.

Learning Objectives

  • The most important facts and figures about health and nutrition
  • The key elements of healthy nutrition
  • The scientific arguments that support the key elements of healthy nutrition
  • The most important reasons for healthy nutrition


  • English language
  • Basic scientific knowledge
  • A medical background is helpful but not essential

Target Audience

  • Medical students

  • Physicians

  • Other health professionals

  • General public

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner

Materials Included

  • Cheat sheet PDF (for PAN Members only)
  • Course completion certificate (for PAN Members only)

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Getting Started

If you want to understand the basics of nutrition, learn about the many benefits of whole food plant-based food, and discover how our diet affects our health and the health of the planet, then this module is for you. This module is suitable if you are an absolute nutrition science beginner or if you are an experienced health professional who simply wishes to refresh your memory.

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What’s Included?


This module consists of:

 ➤ An introduction video

➤ 6 video lessons

➤ 1  summary lesson

➤ 7 quizzes


For PAN members only:

➤ Access the final test

➤ Download and print your course completion certificate

➤ Download the cheat sheet summarising all important information from the module

 The Presenter

The module is presented by Cirus Henn who is a nutritional advisor and currently in the last year of his medical studies. He is also a presenter of various PAN seminars and webinars, and the star of our YouTube channel.

The content was researched and created by PAN International’s team of expert nutritional scientists and physicians.

Get your forks and pens ready to start learning about nutrition!

Please note that the video lessons for PAN Academy are short, educative videos (around 10 min) that aim at giving you a brief evidence-based overview of a topic. Therefore, we have to simplify some topics, particularly in our modules suitable for beginners, and  we cannot provide you with all the details. If you want to get further insights, please check the material section with references and sources for each lesson.

Example Clips

The clips below are short extracts from the lesson content to give you an idea of what to expect. The full lessons are, on average, 10 minutes in duration or longer. Create an account to watch the full lessons.

Please note that the PAN Academy modules are currently only available in English.

Module #1 Lesson 4 – How does obesity lead to chronic illness?

Obesity is a root cause of the major NCDs. In this clip, we discuss more on the underlying mechanisms that lead to chronic illness such as chronic low-grade inflammation leading to cardiovascular disease.

Module #1 Lesson 4 – Oxidative Stress & Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation

Metabolic stress refers to oxidative stress that’s caused by either insufficient or excessive nutrient supply. Getting permanently too few or too many nutrients in our diet can lead to chronic low-grade inflammation.
Disclaimer: In this video, the oxidative stress mechanisms are simplified. Only one of the root causes is mentioned.

Module #1 Lesson 5 – DNA methylation and cancer

Interactions between nutrition and different epigenetic mechanisms are complex. The role of epigenetic changes has been identified in all of the most important diet-related NCDs including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Module #1 Lesson 6 – The Ideal Diet for Planetary Health

In this clip, we talk about how the food system, especially animal agriculture, contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions and how the adoption of significantly more plant-based diets is necessary to reach the 1.5-degree target.