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About PAN Academy

The PAN Academy is our online learning platform that makes nutrition education accessible to everyone. We know that nutrition has great power to influence health but, at the same time, nutrition education is neglected in medical school curricula. We are on a mission to change this imbalance by offering our nutritional science knowledge in the form of fun and engaging video lessons to medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals. With this know-how you can become even better at supporting your patients to make more informed food choices for their health.

Our educational offerings are not only for medical professionals. Just about anyone who is interested in learning how healthy, whole food plant-based nutrition can save lives, treat and prevent the most deadly NCDs and mitigate climate change is invited to take the courses.


Our educational courses are available for anyone to watch, just create a PAN Academy User account to get started.

  • Focused modules and Mini Modules (Mi-Mo’s) on various nutritional medicine topics
  • Easy-to-follow, fun and engaging video lessons with a presenter
  • Lots of graphics and visual cues to help you retain the information
  • Quizzes to put your new knowledge to the test
  • Additional resources for further study including blog posts and factsheets


Our team of expert nutritional scientists and physicians uses the latest scientific knowledge to ensure our course content is accurate and up-to-date.


PAN Members get additional access to PAN Academy add-on features and resources including:

  • Downloadable cheat sheets with a summary of the key facts from each full-length module
  • Final test for each full-length module
  • Course completion certificates to use for your professional development and to prove you passed the final test and successfully completed the full-length modules
  • Plus, more members-only benefits

Introducing Mini Modules

What is a Mini Module (Mi-Mo)?

PAN Academy Mini Modules, or Mi-Mo’s as we like to call them, are short videos that encapsulate a health topic in about 15 minutes. We describe the global burden of a non-communicable disease and briefly explain the main pathophysiology that leads to this altered health state. We discuss why this disease may be present, giving snapshots of the scientific literature. Finally, we provide evidence-based solutions and practical strategies to help address the condition. Our main focus lies in nutrition, whilst we acknowledge some cross-links to related lifestyle areas.

Mi-Mo 1: Type 2 Diabetes

Discover the root cause of T2D and how to tackle it with a whole food plant-based diet.

Mi-Mo 2: Obesity

Learn about the metabolic causes and lifestyle solutions to this growing epidemic.

Mi-Mo 3: Hypertension

Find out how to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of illness with a WFPB diet.

Mi-Mo 4: Heart Disease

Discover what leads to heart disease and how to avoid it through lifestyle changes.

Mi-Mo 5: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Learn how to manage rheumatoid arthritis with nutrition in this short module.

Mi-Mo 6: Alzheimer's Disease

Learn how to slow Alzheimer’s progression with nutrition in this short module.

Mi-Mo 7: Vascular Dementia

Learn about reducing the risk of vascular dementia in this short online module.

Mi-Mo 8: Cognitive Health & Ageing

Coming soon

Stay on track and check our upcoming release dates above.

Get ready now! Create a PAN Academy account (it only takes a few minutes) and be the first to access the Mi-Mo’s and new educational resources coming soon to the PAN Academy.

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How does it work?

The PAN Academy is a self-paced online learning platform where you can learn about various topics related to nutrition and health. New course content will be release on a regular basis. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with new releases or browse this page for links to all available full-length modules and Mini Modules.

The PAN Academy course content is available with a free PAN Academy User account or a PAN Member account. Membership (and the payment of the membership fee) is not required to take a course, it is optional in order to gain access to extra resources including a final test and course completion certificates for full-length modules.


PAN Academy modules are available to logged in users only. You can either create a free PAN Academy User account or become a PAN Member to access the course content.


Once your user account is created (and approved for PAN Membership accounts), you’ll receive your login details via email. Use these details to log in to the website.


Go to the module overview page for the module you wish to take and click on the “start module” button. You’ll see all the lessons and quizzes that are currently available to you for that module. Enjoy learning!

Create a free PAN Academy User account

You need to create an account to access PAN Academy modules. No payment or other commitments are necessary, simply register your name and email address to create your free account and start learning today.

If you would like full access to final tests, course completion certificates and additional resources, consider becoming a PAN Member instead. With a PAN Member account you can log in to unlock even more educational resources and content. Click here for more information about becoming a member.

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Fill in the form then check your inbox for a verification email. Follow the instructions in that email to confirm your account, then you’ll receive your login details in a second email. If you do not receive any emails, please first check your spam folder. If you still experience issues verifying your account, please contact Thank you

Full-Length Modules

Various full-length modules are available in the PAN Academy as well as Mini Modules planned for release starting October 2023 (see “Mi-Mo” schedule above for upcoming releases). Click the buttons below for information about each full-length module and how to sign up and take these courses.

Note that full-length modules include a series of videos and quizzes that are accessible with a free PAN Academy User account. In addition, users with a PAN Member account get access to a final test, course completion certificate and downloadable cheat sheet for each full-length module. Find out more about how to become a PAN supporting member here and unlock these additional features.

Module 1: Power of Nutrition

“Power of Nutrition” is an introductory module including 7 video lessons with quizzes to give you a solid background knowledge about how nutrition influences health.

Module 2: Basics of Nutrition

“Basics of Nutrition” includes 8 video lessons with quizzes to give you a solid background knowledge about the history of nutritional science and the compounds that make up our food.

Module 3: Evaluation of Nutrition Studies

“Evaluation of Nutrition Studies” includes 6 video lessons with quizzes and practical exercises. It teaches you how to read and interpret nutrition science. And, how to use it to make informed evidence-based decisions.

Please note that the modules and Mini Modules (Mi-Mo's) offered within the PAN Academy platform are short, educational videos that aim to give you a brief evidence-based overview of a topic. Complex topics may be simplified and cannot be covered in their entirety. For more in-depth information and nuanced insights, we encourage you to explore our related materials, including references and sources provided in the material section for each lesson.


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Example Clips

The clips below are short extracts from the lesson content to give you an idea of what to expect. The full lessons are, on average, 10 minutes in duration or longer. Create an account to watch the full lessons.

Module #3 Lesson 1 – Which Study Types Are Best for Nutrition Research?

Dr. Miriam Sonntag explains why the “gold standard” of nutrition studies, RCTs (randomised control trials), are not always the most accurate study types for understanding nutrition science.

Module #3 Lesson 2 – Dietary Patterns Versus Single Nutrients

Focusing on the effect of single nutrients is not the most accurate way to evaluate outcomes. Foods are complex combinations of various nutrients that are never consumed in isolation in the real world.

Module #1 Lesson 2 – What are DALYs?

In this clip, we explain DALY’s and why they are important to understand when looking at the global burden of disease and the crisis of diet-related chronic illnesses.

Module #1 Lesson 3 – Health Risks of Red Meat

Red meat and processed meat (such as sausages or cold cuts) are recurrently associated with health risks. We take a deep dive into what the latest science can tell us about nutrition and health in lesson 3.

Module #2 Lesson 5 – What are the best dietary sources of iron?

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide. In this clip, Cirus outlines some of the best iron-rich plant foods to add to your diet.

Module #2 Lesson 7 – Is dietary fibre good for your health?

In this clip, Cirus explains the various positive effects of dietary fibre and polyphenols on the gut microbiome and on our health in general.

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