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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Physicians Association for Nutrition. Your membership is the most effective way to bring healthy nutrition to the core of healthcare systems and communities.

It is required that you read, understand and commit to PAN’s statutes which you can download below. Please note that according to PAN’s statutes this membership does include the right to participate, as well as the right to speak at the annual general meeting, but excludes the right to vote.

The annual membership fee is 90 EUR (20 EUR for students).

Please use the following web form to apply for your supporting membership. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Membership fees help to support PAN’s educational activities, projects and campaigns. In return for your support, we are currently developing a number of benefits for members such as exclusive access to past webinar recordings, attendance certificates for all PAN-hosted events you attend during your membership, and an online learning platform.
Please note that our online membership area is currently a work in progress: Access to the online learning platform and past webinar recordings will be available a little later in 2021.
Access to the attendance certificates of ISS DAS! will be available after the series is complete (July 2021).


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Download Statutes

Voting Membership

Due to their field of functions within PAN, voting members bear great responsibility for the whole association and its future development. The number of voting members is limited to 20, and voting members must be nominated by two other members. Voting members are expected to show a great time commitment.

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