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PAN’s Healthy Hospital Food Pilot Project

Enhancing hospital nutrition in Germany and Switzerland


As hospital kitchen staff, you have a direct influence on medical teams and patients. Up to 3 times a day!


Become part of a community, share experiences and take advantage of learning opportunities. This is the only way we can work together for healthy and sustainable hospital nutrition.


We offer free comprehensive advice, and support the implementation of whole food plant-based nutrition in hospitals.

Was is the Healthy Hospital Food project?

Our pilot project “Healthy Hospital Food” aims to sustainably improve nutrition in hospitals in Germany and Switzerland. The focus is on the introduction of healthy, whole food plant-based meals. The benefits of a change relate not only to the health of patients and staff but also to profitability and public image in the long term. Currently, the catering in many hospitals does not yet meet the recommendations for healthy nutrition. We tackle this with the “Healthy Hospital Food” project together with you.

Our step-by-step approach

Find Individual Strategy

We develop an individual strategy for your case. We include all relevant areas in the planning.

Implement Strategy

We advise you on the implementation and accompany you every step of the way.

Effective networking

We support you in both internal and external communication. In addition, you become part of a network.


We train all relevant groups of people in the hospital according to their needs.

Evaluate every step

We carry out a comprehensive evaluation alongside the project.

Join the network

Are you interested in getting support? We’re building a network of hospital catering professionals in Germany and Switzerland.

Please switch to the German version of this page for further information about getting involved. Thank you.

Contact and further info

More information on plant-based hospital nutrition:

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Project Manager: Sören Kube