Mini Module 6

Alzheimer’s Dementia

Welcome to the Mini Module (Mi-Mo) on Alzheimer’s Dementia Dive into the intricate world of dementia – a progressive cognitive decline that disrupts daily life. This Mi-Mo, zooms in on Alzheimer’s disease, ​​a single facet among 100 dementia types. Explore its complexities and associated risks. Discover actionable strategies. Learn simple daily habits that protect against cognitive decline.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Mi-Mo, you will be empowered to:

  • Differentiate between genetically-based and lifestyle-based cognitive decline
  • Understand the complexity of Alzheimer’s pathophysiology
  • Help your patients and their caregivers implement lifestyle changes to slow Alzheimer’s progression


  • English language
  • Basic scientific knowledge
  • A medical background is helpful but not essential

Target Audience

  • Medical students
  • Physicians
  • Other health professionals
  • Nutrition and health enthusiasts

Difficulty Level

  • Intermediate

Materials Included

  • Educational video
  • References for further reading
  • Quiz to test your knowledge
  • Factsheets for physicians and patients
  • Blog posts for physicians and patients
  • Printable patient information card
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Additional Resources

For further reading and related resources check the following resources in our Knowledge Hub:

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Printable Patient Information Card

This handy document can be printed by patients to stick on their fridges as a reminder of which foods to add to or reduce from their diet for optimal nutrition in the management of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Patient Information Card

Download link is available for logged-in PAN Academy Users within the module. 
The Presenters

This Mi-Mo is presented by Terri Chrisman (M.Nutr, Dip.ACLM) & Dr. Miriam Sonntag. Information was peer-reviewed by Dr. Maria Aguirregomozcorta (MD, Dip.IBLM/BSLM).

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Terri Chrisman M.Nutr, Dip.ACLM

Terri Chrisman M.Nutr, Dip.ACLM is a Medical Content Creator at PAN and part of the online education team responsible for the PAN Academy. She is an Australian citizen living in the USA who has travelled and lived all around the world. She is a qualified nutritionist and certified in lifestyle medicine, and is vastly experienced in creating educational content on the topics of nutrition, health and sports.
Kid with Raspberries

Dr. Miriam Sonntag

Dr. Miriam Sonntag is the Medical Content Executive of the online learning platform, PAN Academy. Having worked in basic research, she knows how to decipher complex information. Working now at PAN, she scans and pours over scientific papers and books. She breaks down the latest nutritional research into actionable advice for everyday life. She is committed to sharing the bigger picture of why it is good to put more plants on your plate.