According to the statutes of the Physicians Association for Nutrition e.V. voting members are responsible for the election and deselection of the board, the acceptance of the boards annual report, the discharge of the board, the election and deselection of the cash auditors, the determination of fees, the admission or exclusion of members in appealed cases, amendments of PAN e.V.s bylaws, and the dissolution of the association.

With regards to these objectives, voting members bear great responsibility for the whole association and its future development. Therefore, voting members  are expected to have an extensive experience in the field of medicine and nutrition, to familiarise themselves with details of PANs current strategies and projects, to take an active part in regular meetings and to represent PAN officially.

If you fulfil these qualifications, and if you are a health professional, in training to become one, or you are making an outstanding contribution to the cause of whole food plant-based nutrition in healthcare, you may apply as one of the 20 voting members of PAN. Candidates require a written nomination of two current voting members. The board decides on the admission of a member.

Please send us an email if you would like to contact us in this regard:

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