Physicians Association for Nutrition Switzerland

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About PAN Switzerland

PAN Switzerland was established in April 2021. Their focus is to grow a network of like-minded physicians and dieticians across Switzerland. They will also establish PAN University Groups in the country in order to engage and educate Swiss medical students. They have already hosted the PAN  webinar “Power of Nutrition” at the University Basel and are excited to continue spreading awareness throughout the Swiss medical community.

    Meet the PAN Switzerland Team

    Denis Pfeiffer

    President of PAN Switzerland

    Denis Pfeiffer is a physician, currently working in the field of internal and emergency medicine near Zurich. He also has expertise in nutrition counselling and prevention medicine. As president, he oversees the development of the branch.

    Selina Ehrenzeller

    Vice-President of PAN Switzerland

    Selina Ehrenzeller is a 5th-year medical student at the University of Basel. She established an elective project on “Nutrition and Medicine” at her university to address this underrepresented topic among Master’s medical students.

    Elina Christes

    Medical Representative

    Elina Christes is an assistant physician currently working at the HFR (hôpital fribourgeois/freiburger spital) in Fribourg. She has been involved in different student organisations on a local, national and international level during her studies. She has been leading a plant-based lifestyle for years and takes any opportunity to bring it closer to people and patients.

    Elias Zwyssig

    Finances & Food Science

    Elias Zwyssig is a master’s student in Food Digestion & Health and has a Bachelor’s in Food Science from ETH Zurich. He has previously helped set up a student association in the Netherlands.

    Aisha Abo El Ela

    Social Media & Medical Representative

    Aisha Abo El Ela is an assistant physician and currently working as a scientific doctor at the University Hospital in Basel. In addition, she is currently completing a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Health at ETH Zurich. While following a plant-based lifestyle for years, she takes any opportunity to help people adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    Alina Koller

    University Groups

    Alina Koller is a 4th-year medical student at the University of Zurich. She has been interested in nutrition for many years and has recently been part of a research project which investigates this topic.

    Ariane Pauli

    Social Media Design & Website

    Ariane Pauli is a 5th-year medical student at the University of Lausanne. She has volunteered on a local, national and international level in different student organizations and brings experience in project management, communication and social media design.

    Camille Bertossa

    Network & Members

    Camille Bertossa is a 5th-year medical student at the University of Zurich. So far she has been involved in different student organizations on a local, national and international level and has experience in the areas of fundraising, sponsoring and marketing.

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