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About PAN Switzerland

PAN Switzerland was established in April 2021. Our focus is to grow a network of like-minded physicians and dieticians across Switzerland. We are also in the midst of establishing PAN University Groups in the country in order to engage and educate Swiss medical students. We have hosted workshops about “The Power of Nutrition” and are excited to continue spreading awareness of the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet throughout the Swiss medical community.

More information about PAN Switzerland can be found in our bylaws (in German).

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Meet the PAN Switzerland Team

Denis Pfeiffer

President of PAN Switzerland

Denis Pfeiffer is a physician currently working in the field of Internal and Emergency Medicine near Zurich. He has expertise in Nutrition Counselling and Preventive Medicine. As president, he oversees the development of the Swiss branch.

Selina Ehrenzeller

Vice-President of PAN Switzerland

Selina Ehrenzeller is a medical student at the University of Basel. She established an elective project on “Nutrition and Medicine” at her university to address this underrepresented topic among Master’s medical students.

Elina Christes

Medical Representative

Elina Christes is a physician currently working at the HFR (hôpital fribourgeois) in Fribourg. She has been involved in different student organisations on a local, national and international level during her studies. She has been leading a plant-based lifestyle for years and takes any opportunity to bring it closer to people and patients.

Elias Zwyssig

Finances, Members & Responsible for Food Science

Elias Zwyssig is a master’s student in Food Digestion & Health and has a Bachelor’s in Food Science from ETH Zurich. He has previously helped set up a student association in the Netherlands.

Aisha Abo El Ela

Social Media & Medical Representative

Aisha Abo El Ela is currently a research physician at the University Hospital Basel. She is a certified lifestyle physician and completed a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Health at ETH Zurich. While she herself has been following a plant-based lifestyle for years, she takes every opportunity to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Alina Koller

University Groups

Alina Koller is a medical student at the University of Zurich. She has been interested in nutrition for many years and has been part of a research project which investigates this topic.

Ariane Pauli

Social Media Design & Website

Ariane Pauli is a medical student at the University of Lausanne. She has volunteered on a local, national and international level in different student organizations and brings experience in project management, communication and social media design.

Camille Bertossa

Network & Members

Camille Bertossa is a medical student at the University of Zurich. So far she has been involved in different student organizations on a local, national and international level and has experience in the areas of fundraising, sponsoring and marketing..

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Would you like to join our network of like-minded Swiss students, physicians and dieticians? Join PAN Switzerland and contribute to our efforts towards healthy and sustainable food environments for all.

Membership fee for 12 months is 40 CHF for (healthcare) professionals. Student membership is free as long as you are enrolled as a student at any university. Please upload your enrollment certificate along with your membership application.

Benefits for PAN Switzerland members include:

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    • “VegMed Web 2021” conference talks (English)
    • “Nutrition > Medicine” series (English)
    • “VegMed 2021” webinars (English)
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