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About PAN Germany

PAN International was founded in March 2018 in Munich, Germany by a group of like-minded physicians and healthcare professionals who recognised the need for nutrition to be a much more central part of medical education and medical practice. PAN Germany is synonymous with PAN International, as this is where we began our journey and where our core team still operates from. PAN Germany (aka “PAN International”) is the HQ of all of our international activities, campaigns and projects worldwide.

Our Story So Far…

Since our founding in Germany, PAN International has continued to grow and establish an international medical network to transform the perception, knowledge and use of evidence-based nutrition in healthcare and beyond.

One of the first activities of the PAN team was to travel across Germany giving seminars at medical schools about the power of nutrition. The reaction of students who attended these lectures was overwhelmingly positive with many of the attendees subsequently establishing PAN University Groups at their medical faculties. PAN University Groups in Germany have come a long way since the early days, and are still core to PAN International’s activities and community today. Successful projects organised by PAN University Groups include the recurring nutrition-in-medicine webinar series, “Iss Das!” (Eat That!), monthly journal clubs and various campaigns and community activities on campuses. Find out more about PAN University Groups and Iss Das! here.

In addition to establishing an expanding medical student network, the PAN International team undertakes various educational events including hosting regular webinars in German and English. We cover diverse topics related to nutrition and its influence on chronic diseases, individual health and planetary health. More generally, we invite expert speakers to talk about their medical and scientific research fields. Through PAN webinars, these experts share their insights on what the latest science shows about the power of whole food plant-based nutrition. Check our events page for upcoming webinars and events here.

We also research, create and distribute medical content in various forms to educate medical students, healthcare professionals and the general public about the latest scientific evidence surrounding nutrition and health. In addition, we provide practical toolkits and training materials for healthcare professionals so that they can effectively treat their patients through nutritional interventions. The PAN Academy is central to our educational offerings. This online learning platform provides on-demand courses on various nutritional science topics. Find out more about the PAN Academy here.

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