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A growing number of patients understand that nutrition plays an important role in the cause and development of diseases and seek supportive and knowledgeable professionals.

We provide a list of health professionals who recognise the importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases and who are able to provide advice regarding the current evidence around whole food, plant-based nutrition in all life stages.

Are you a practising (allied) health professional who would like to be listed? Use the signup form below.

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If you are a practising (allied) health professional and would like to be listed as an expert in whole food plant-based nutrition, then please fill out this form.

Listing your practice is free of charge. We will review your application to check if your practice meets the required criteria to be listed. We may contact you for further information about your practice. Please note that we reserve the right to decline applications that do not meet the criteria.

If successful, you will receive an email asking you to review your data and to give your consent to publish your details on this page.


Please note that this list is merely a service that we offer on our website to help you get an initial overview of possible professional support in your area. We do not conduct any quality control with regard to treatment forms or the actual level of knowledge regarding whole food, plant-based nutrition.

However, if you would like to give feedback based on your experience with the registrants, please send us an email.

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