➤  An unhealthy diet is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world.

➤  About one in five deaths can be attributed to an unfavorable diet.

➤  Our diet significantly influences the development of chronic diseases.

However, nutritional education, unfortunately, is not a fundamental part of medical education. To fill this gap, we launched the PAN Academy.

Within the framework of the PAN Academy, we see it as our task to convey the evidence surrounding the preventive and therapeutic potential of nutrition to students of human medicine. For this purpose, we regularly hold our three basic lectures at universities with a medical faculty:

The Power of Nutrition: How Nutrition Affects Health

Nutrition Basics: Foundations of Nutrition and Related Research

Clinical Relevance: Individual Diseases and Related Nutritional Therapy
(more are planned)

The seminars can be held in English and German and are carried out by us free of charge.

If you, as a student or employee of the university administration, are interested in offering one or more of our lectures at your university, please contact our PAN Academy team.


We also offer our lectures as part of training in other parts of the health sector (health and nursing, physiotherapy, ambulance/emergency medical service, etc.). Please contact us.

As a start-up organization, we are currently only able to offer the PAN Academy in Germany and the USA. If you are interested in helping us establish the PAN Academy in other countries as well, please contact us.


Number of students educated about the importance of nutrition so far



Percentage of participants who are “highly or extremely motivated” to spread knowledge about the importance of nutrition after our seminar


Importance of Nutrition

Percentage of participants who think of nutrition as “Important” or “Very Important” after our seminar

(status as of Jan 2020)

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