As chronic, non-communicable diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity, have been rising dramatically for a few decades now – and as they seem to be accelerating – the face of healthcare has changed quite dramatically as well.

Patients and their families accept a greatly diminished quality of life and a shortened lifespan, feeling that modern medicine has not much to offer. Health professionals are all too often frustrated with just managing symptoms instead of treating the root causes of disease. And health care systems consume more and more resources, becoming a huge financial burden for entire societies.

Diet Change and Medicine

An increasing amount of research shows the direct link between lifestyle choices, especially dietary choices, and the pandemic of chronic diseases. However, changing diet and lifestyle to prevent, reverse or even cure the most powerful killers of our time is still a largely neglected approach in medicine and healthcare policies. This neglect might be due to these central reasons:

  • The sheer effect of nutrition is still largely underestimated by medical professionals and patients alike. While it is often not addressed at all or seen as just a minor supportive measure in prevention and therapy, nutrition is, in fact, an ultimate key player in regaining and sustaining health, sometimes even the only one needed.
  • Health care systems are not providing effective tools and a sufficient structure that enables health professionals and patients to implement lifestyle medicine, especially the change of eating habits, into their collaborative efforts.
  • Political decision makers are not doing  enough to create a situation where the healthy choice is the easiest choice.

The Birth of the Physicians Association for Nutrition – PAN

To tackle all of these reasons, a few months ago international health and nutrition professionals who met at the VegMed Conference in Berlin, Germany, established PAN, the Physicians Association for Nutrition.

PAN Logo

  • PAN aims to empower health professionals, individuals, and communities to recognize and use optimal nutrition as a powerful tool to create and sustain optimal health.
  • PAN will provide evidence-based education on nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases for medical students, health professionals, and patients.
  • PAN will strengthen and support the scientific community and research around issues of nutrition and health.
  • PAN will create easy-to-use programs and tools for the daily clinical practice in order to experience the power of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease.
  • PAN will foster the political discussion to make healthy food conveniently available to everyone.

Changing the Face of Healthcare Worldwide

While PAN is based in Munich, Germany, as a charitable organization, the organization’s structure, its content and services will be created as a template for “PAN Branches” all around the world. A global network of health professionals will contribute to PAN’s work, which will then be translated and transferred to these different Branches. This central work enables Branches to offer a comprehensive basis of high quality content, services and events with minimal effort by having an international organization behind their efforts.

We want to change the face of healthcare once again – but this time for what is best for patients, health professionals and communities.

If you want to take healthy nutrition to the heart of healthcare with us, please visit our website and social media, subscribe to our newsletter, apply as a volunteer, become a PAN member, or establish your own PAN Branch.

Welcome to PAN.

Niklas Oppenrieder

Niklas Oppenrieder

Niklas Oppenrieder is a physician specializing in pediatrics at Aschaffenburg Hospital in Germany. As PAN’s Medical Director, he heads the development of the organization, applying his medical and scientific expertise as a pediatrician as well as his first-hand technical knowledge as a member of several different medical associations.
Niklas Oppenrieder
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