Type 2 Diabetes and Diet – for Physicians

This factsheet on type 2 diabetes (T2D) is designed as reference material for physicians and health professionals. It provides reliable information and evidence-based recommendations for your patients. This resource will enhance your understanding and management of T2D.

With T2D affecting millions worldwide, staying informed is crucial. This factsheet equips you with the essential knowledge to support your practice and assist patients in effectively managing T2D. It explores key risk factors, complications, and the impact of dietary choices on T2D.

This factsheet contains:

  • Evidence-based dietary interventions for managing diabetes
  • Disease-specific dietary recommendations
  • Global context and scientific evidence supporting the role of diet in T2D management

Download our factsheet to access evidence-based information that will enhance your understanding of T2D and equip you with practical strategies for effective patient support. Help your patients achieve optimal glycemic control, improve their overall well-being, and prevent complications associated with T2D.