Easy Plant-Based Swaps

Make your transition to a whole food, plant-based diet stick. Explore delicious and easy plant-based swaps to add more plants to your plate.

Carbohydrates: A Complex or Simple Matter?

Are carbohydrates essential for our health? Do low-carb diets yield greater weight loss? What benefits do whole plant-based foods provide? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this blog post.

You, your diet and your microbiome

The relationship between our health, our dietary choices, and our gut microbiome is a fascinating topic of research. We are only starting to understand the deep connection between the microbiome and our health. Throughout human evolution, we have cooperated with microorganisms, borrowing their genes as evolutionary shortcuts to acquire new capabilities.

An Apple a Day? Debunking Myths About Fruit

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, vegetables often steal the spotlight, while fruit sometimes gets a bad rap due to its higher sugar content. This blog post debunks common myths about fruit, shedding light on the truth behind its nutritional value.

The Power of Nutrition (Part 7): The Clarity of Evidence

In this last article of our “Power of Nutrition” series, we want to put those puzzle pieces of evidence together with epidemiological and clinical research as well as international guidelines to define the pattern of optimal nutrition. Such a pattern should minimize the risk of disease, optimize life quality, and extend lifetime (…)

The Power of Nutrition (Part 6): How Does Nutrition Work?

Diet constitutes one of the most important modifiable risk factors for all kinds of diseases. How exactly can food influence our health? With this article, PAN wants to illuminate some of the basic mechanisms of how nutrition acts on our metabolism.
It may sound clichéd, but it’s true: food is (…)

The Power of Nutrition (Part 5): The Human Microbiome

50 to 70 percent of the cells within our body are not human. They are from microbes and bacteria that inhabit our body – our skin, respiratory tract, and especially the gut. In the past decade, research and knowledge of the gut microbiome has increased exponentially. The term “microbiome” refers to (…)

The Power of Nutrition (Part 4): Epigenetics

Provided that our genes determine our growth, our appearance, our functioning, and the development of disease – how is it possible that two people with the same genetic disposition, e.g. identical twins, do not always share the same looks or even the same illnesses? (…)

The Power of Nutrition (Part 3): The Blue Zones

The so-called Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live much longer and healthier than average. They suffer from only a fraction of the diseases that are putting a great burden on people in other parts of the developed world. To date, five geographic areas have been identified where people live statistically the longest: (…)

The Power of Nutrition (Part 1): How Food Determines Our Health

Health professionals around the world are facing a profound crisis: despite advancements in pharmacology and tremendous personal and financial efforts in health care systems, chronic, so called non-communicable diseases (NCDs) cannot be treated adequately (…)